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It is not only enjoyment, it is also pleasure

In the middle of a crowded Saigon, do you want to immerse yourself in a cool retreat surrounded by trees, listen to melodious music and enjoy delicious food and drinks?

MARS COFFEE proudly presents a green retreat with style in the heart of the city. It is comfortable, polite and convenient. At MARS COFFEE you will experience the full moment of great relaxation, thanks to the delicious food and drinks here; they are ordinary ones carrying a cultural taste that reflects a part of modern Vietnamese lifestyle.

MARS COFFEE believes that the best culinary quality, which is composed of the hygienically-certified water and ingredients, and served in a friendly atmosphere by dedicated staff, will bring endless joys that you can share with your friends and family.

MARS COFFEE is the symbol of the "Coffee - Convenience cuisine" model that always gives customers a feeling of the absolute enjoyment in an optimal space.

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You can have a slight touch of the energetic morning by enjoying a light breakfast in a fresh and modern vibes of MARS COFFEE Surely, a long tiring day at work will no longer be a problem!

You can spend your lunch break at MARS COFFEE , enjoy quality office meals in a cool and luxurious background. More love for yourself, more moments to enjoy life, just be friends with MARS COFFEE.

Even if it's a sunny afternoon or a gentle evening with your beloved one, whether you want to meet friends or partners, MARS COFFEE is happy to be your companion, to bring you the best experience that you desire for.





MARS COFFEE always appreciates and values the customer experience and connection among people.

Owning such utilities that suit your diverse needs and interests, we have private room for you to have a romantic date, a collective site for you to gather with friends and enjoy relaxing chats or produce effective teamwork; especially if you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee by yourself, MARS COFFEE also has the ideal corner for you.

Quality drinks, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly space, dedicated customer service are what we always offer to you.

It is not only enjoyment, it is also pleasure!











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